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Common Problems with Wine Coolers

Common Problems with Wine Coolers


Wines are sensitive to temperature, light and humidity, making refrigeration a key component to the taste, flavour and aroma of wine. Specialized refrigerators like wine coolers offer consistent temperature control and storage for fine wines. But what happens when wine coolers aren’t working how they are supposed to? Here are some common problems with wine coolers.




Wine coolers need enough space around their side and rear air vents. At least five inches is recommended for sufficient ventilation on non-forced air condenser units. If air is not circulating through the vents, there will be a surplus of heat that will accumulate and prevent an efficient cooling process that may eventually burn out the wine cooler compressor.


Other things to check the wine cooler for:

  • Vents are free from dust and debris;
  • The condenser fan is in working order;
  • The door is closing completely;
  • The rubber gasket is in good condition.
The ideal temperature to store wine is between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
If the wine cooler temperature seems to be too warm, double check the temperature control to be sure it has been properly set – turning the temperature control down for a few hours can help stabilize the wine cooler. If the wine cooler seems too cold, try turning the temperature control up for a little while to stabilize the temperature. Setting the correct temperature on a wine cooler will help you serve the perfect bottle of wine.



If the cooler is not positioned correctly, you might have a noisy wine cooler on your hands. To reduce noise, make sure the wine cooler’s footing is secured as perfectly as possible. Also double check the ventilation and make sure that all four sides of the wine cooler have enough space for it to work properly.


A noisy wine cooler is annoying and is often caused by an underlying problem. Some sounds coming from your wine cooler are to be expected, but excessive noise is often an indicator of an underlying mechanical issue with the compressor, or a fan, that is either mechanical or electrical.




A water leak can be very frustrating and can mean that the wine cooler has a minor defect. Some ways to troubleshoot this common problem with wine coolers are:

  • Check if it is an air leak, which can cause an extra build-up of condensation and may be the culprit of the leak.
  • Make sure the door gasket is tightly sealed. If it is not, the wine cooler will not stay cold. If you are experiencing humidity problems with your wine cooler, you are also risking losing your wine. If the gasket is not sealing the door properly, have it replaced.

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